Together we can make a difference

Posted: 2013-05-15

Working together to reduce the impact of suicide in our community

D.R. Gordon Building is proud to support the Ballarat and District Suicide Prevention Network.  We have been working with group members Lindy Packer and Des Hudson in developing a new website and social media networks for the group, and help promote their message and purpose.

The Objectives

 • To raise awareness, challenge stigma, myths and preconceived ideas of suicide.

• To facilitate partnerships between local organisations and the community in suicide prevention.

• To make suicide prevention resources more readily identified and accessible.

The Purpose

To develop locally-driven and locally-focused suicide prevention strategies; bringing together community members, service providers and local government agencies to work towards reducing the impact of suicide in the community.


They welcome and encourage new members to become involved while appreciating the generosity of those who can assist the endeavours of the network by sponsorship and donations.

The key message….. Help is out there! We at D.R. Gordon Building feel it is an important cause for our local and district community in which we are all a-part of. To become more aware of depression and its effects within our community, our friends, our family and work colleges.  It is crucial in preventing the large numbers of suicides each year.

Together we can make a difference!

For further information on becoming a member or how you can help, please contact us via email

Or direct to the Ballarat and District Suicide Prevention Network on 0458 913 459 or


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