Tips to get you prepared for your Colour Selection appointment

Posted: 2016-09-28

So you are ready to build your dream custom home, you have signed on the dotted line and are now ready to start making the decorative decisions on what your new home will look like. Ballarat builder D.R. Gordon Building has some great ideas to ensure that you can hit the ground running at your Colour Selection appointment for your new quality built home. The colour selection day is an exciting process but it can sometimes feel mind boggling by the end. Our fabulous Colour Consultant, Nat O’Brien has come up with a few key items to investigate before your appointment to help you feel more prepared.

BRICK SELECTION - A great starting point for your home is to look at bricks. We can advise you which brick ranges are included in your quote and supply the address of a home which has been built using a brick you like so you can drive past the address. This allows you to see how the bricks look on an actual home, rather than only seeing the bricks on the sample boards.
When looking at the bricks on someone else’s home, remember just to look at the bricks not the colours that have been selected for the roof, windows or downpipes. We all have different tastes and sometimes the accent colours may not be to your taste.

CARPET - Think about what sort of carpet you would like. There are lots of different types and Nat’s advice of the best available at the moment is solution dyed nylon. It has a great warranty, cleans well and bounces back if you like to move furniture around. This may be one thing you want to invest in upgrading, depending on what was allowed for in your quote. Generally a builders range carpet is quoted and while it is still good quality, it doesn’t offer the same guarantees as solution dyed nylon.

TILES - If you want to create a ‘wow’ feature in your home, Nat suggests upgrading the kitchen splashback tile, as this is a main feature in the house. Niche boxes are also very popular at the moment and lots of people wish to place a feature tile in the back of these. You can do this, but you are generally wasting your money as you won't see the tile as it will be covered up by shampoo bottles etc. If you wish to have a feature tile, Nat suggests running this through the whole wall as a vertical stripe.

THE LITTLE THINGS - There will be lots of things that you will be asked that you probably won't think about beforehand, such as what direction you like your joinery handles, what type of architraves and skirting profile would you like or what type of edge would you like for your laminex benchtops.  It might be worth walking through your current home and thinking about what works for you there and what you might like to have different.

DON’T OVERTHINK IT - Most importantly, don't overthink everything before you meet with Nat. Sometimes you will have your heart set on something not realising that it is not in your price bracket. Unfortunately when you Google lots of sites, they show all the dearest products but do not always inform you of that. Google, Pinterest and the like can be a fantastic resource for a little bit of inspiration, but we have loads of samples in our colour room as well as some great suggestions of workable colour schemes if you still don’t know where to begin.

The colour consultant is there it give you some great advice and should work with you by making sure all the undertones of your colour choices are consistent,  but at the end of the day it is your house so make sure you have fun on the day and feel confident with your choices. Everyone has different tastes and your colour consultant should be able to work with you to your taste, not forcing their preferences on you.

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