The Process: In Brief

Posted: 2016-10-27

The Process: In Brief

Thinking of building a new home in Ballarat? The decision to build a new home with Ballarat Builder DR Gordon, might be an easy one, but then knowing what you need to do from there or how the whole process works can be a different story! Whether this is your First Home build,  or your 'forever' home, we have broken down the process from initial contact to completion to give you a brief overview of a the steps involved when selecting us for your custom home.

Initial Contact & Deposit

The very first step is making contact with us and speaking with Builder, David Gordon, about what you require in your home. We will need to know about the land you intend to build on, the size and style of the home you would like and what budget you want to work to. Should you choose to build with us, we will then take a preliminary deposit to start preparing plans and obtaining all the necessary permit documents. The preliminary deposit will them come off the price of the home once you sign a Building Contract. 

Plan Consultation & Colour Selections

We offer a range of stylish and practical floors plans for you to select from, but in most cases, clients will choose a custom plan. Either way, David will spend time with you with our contracted Draftspeople to help you plan and design the home exactly the way you would like it, which is where David’s years of building experience and practical building eye really come in handy.

Once you have your floor plan and elevations completed, we can provide you with a much more accurate price for the construction of your home.  We can then arrange your colour consultation appointment for you to select all the colours, fixtures, fittings, tiles, carpet etc.  


After plans, colour selections and final costings are complete, we will compile a HIA Building Contract. David will also sit down with you go through the particulars and sign it with you personally. 


Once contracts are signed, we can apply for your Building Permit, and Planning Permit if required. We submit all the relevant paperwork to a Building Surveyor who will assess it to confirm compliance with the Building Code and Regulations. The Building Surveyor will also conduct the mandatory Inspections during the build. Once the Building Permit is issued we are all set to start building!


Now the exciting part of your Build can start – the construction! David, along with our site Supervisor Paul, will guide you through the onsite process as you watch your home coming together from the ground up.


With your new home drawing closer to completion, you will have several inspections with David and Paul to go over everything. We do this to ensure that the home we are handing over to you is up to our exacting standards and ensure that you are happy with your finished home.  We then obtain the Certificate of Occupancy, present you with the keys and you can begin the fun of moving your belongings in!


As perfect as a new build may be, in the vast majority of cases, Maintenance on your new home will be required. We will make contact with you after 3 months and arrange for any items which require attention to be looked at so that you can continue to enjoy your new home for many years to come.

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