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Posted: 2014-05-08

Building Your New Home - Frequently asked questions from customers

Firsty, dont ever feel silly for asking questions! Building a new home is a big investment and its important to have the information you need to making the decision that best suits you and your family. Equally important is working with someone you can communicate with and at least feel you can trust; so if you don’t feel comfortable with them, don’t hire them! The following are some of the most common questions we get asked by people looking at building a new home:

How long is your standard building contract?

A standard Building contract is for 6 months but we do sometimes extend them depending on what time of year we are starting the build (wet
weather) and if the project runs over the Christmas break as we tend to lose a large portion of January due to the holiday period.

Can I use some of my own trades?

We do allow some trades but it is at our discretion. We prefer not to use any of the finishing trades like painting, tiling, plastering and carpentry as these are such visual finishes and can have a large impact on the finished product. You can see what Ballarat trades we use in our Information Booklet.

Can I supply my own appliances or fittings?

Yes you can but you are not covered under our warranty for any defective or faulty products.

What access do we get to the job site? Do we get a key?

You are free to visit the site when suited. We also have a number of site visits with the builder or supervisor during construction. All of our jobs are operated by a construction key. We do not allow the clients to have a construction key. If we were to do that then this means that our other clients have access to your home and you to theirs. It is also an issue of OH&S and controlling theft.

Do your prices include water tanks or solar hot water?

Our prices give you a choice of either

Do you use local trades people?

Yes, we use all local trades from Ballarat.

When can you start?

At this point in time we are starting late in the year around September 2014.

With the process we have in place it would be a minimum 3-4 month process before we could start by the time final plans and documentation
are completed, selections are made, costings finalised and building permits issued.

What does my $1500 deposit get me?

It allows us to have scaled concept drawings completed for your new home. This includes a site plan and elevations, fall of land determined, and the floor plan completed with basic dimensions.

From this point we can sit with you and go through what inclusions you would like and then work out an estimate for your home.

By following this process we try to ensure that the home will suit your budget instead of spending money on a full set of working drawings only to find out that it does not meet your budget requirements. 

What’s the difference between building squares and square metres?

There are 9.3m2 to one building square. So for example our Augusta 27 (Building squares under roof) is a total of 251 m2.

When do I have to pay a deposit and how much?

You would sign a preliminary agreement with us. This document confirms that you are engaging us to draw preliminary plans for the purpose of costing your proposed new home.

What are the payment stages for construction?

Deposit 5% - Paid upon signing of building contract
Base stage 10% -  Concrete slab poured or base brickwork for timber floor.
Frame stage 15% - Frame and roof trusses installed
Lock up stage 35% - External brickwork completed, windows and external doors installed
Fixing stage 25% - Plastering complete, Joinery installed, internal fit out complete
Completion 10% - Certificate of occupancy issued

How do variations work?

Any variations during construction incur a $200 administration fee. A variation document is written up outlining what the variation is and the effect on the cost of the home. This document is signed by the client and the builder before being completed. All variations are to be paid for before being completed.

Is termite protection required?

Termite protection is not included in our standard pricing. Generally in Ballarat it is not a requirement. To build outside Ballarat
particularly in the rural areas it is a requirement.

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