Ballarat Builder and Business Owner David Gordon on Double Glazing

Posted: 2014-01-22

Double Glazing can reduce your heating and cooling costs, reduce noise by up to 80%........and they look beautiful too

But how does it work?

Single Glazing

Standard single glazed widows off little to no energy efficiency and allow sound to travel freely through the glass.

In Summer, heat passes through your windows and into your home.
If you have cooling, it also passes through your windows to the outside. This causes the interior of your home to heat up, overworking your cooling and increasing your energy bills.
In winter the opposite is true, cold passes through your windows, cooling your home while your heating passes through the window to the outside. This overworks your heaters, increasing your heating costs.
Noise can easily enter your home through your windows, a problem in high noise areas

Double Glazing

Double Glazing on windows and doors improve the energy efficiency of your home by stopping not only heat and cold from entering your home but by reducing the amount of heating and cooling leaving your home.

This reduces the need for heating and cooling, thus reducing your energy consumption and costs and reduces noise by up to 80%
How? With a combination of special ‘Low E’ glass, argon gas filled double glazing units and the 20mm space between each pane of glass. Heat, cold and noise are ‘reflected’ back from the first pane of glass, reducing energy consumption and costs and reducing noise by up to 80%

Speak to Dave or one of the team at D.R. Gordon Building today for more information.

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